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Projects with lots of moving parts

Children's books, festivals and fundraising events
The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM


This book was written by Erin Albert and
was printed through the support of a
kickstarter project. Distributed throughout
the state of Indiana, this book was created to inspire and encourage girls to pursue careers
in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering
and Math). Erin directed me to create princesses
that were untraditional, strong and diverse.
Many princesses hail from different planets.
All of them are using their skills to banish "Ignorance" from their planet.

The book is available through Mascot Books: A Kindle version is also available on Amazon.


Goddesses and Gods Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood of Indiana
& Kentucky


This popluar fundraiser has a special theme every year. This artwork is from 2013. FraizerDesigns has designed the artwork for four consecutive years. This particular event had an East Indian theme. Great care was taken in creating the artwork. I worked and consulted closely with a board member of East Indian descent to acheive just the right look. 


This project included an invite suite, social media elements, signage, programs and decorative art used during the night of the event.

Indiana AIDS Walk

The Indiana AIDS Walk was reorganized in
2013 from a 5K Run/Walk to a neighborhood- centered event located in the Historic Old Northside of Indianapolis.


Theme artwork was communicated the historical personality of the Old Northside and still be funky and fun. The project included not only an event logo, but also flyers, posters, billboards, directional signage, simple maps,tee-shirts and elements for social media.


FraizerDesigns has provided marketing materials for this event for three consecutive years.

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